Retirement: The 10,000-Day Weekend

Think about what retirement looks like for you.
Maybe it’s Disney World with the grandkids every year; or golfing in the morning. You could potentially have a part-time job or take up a new hobby. You may envision your retirement to be as simple as breakfast with friends followed by catching up on all the TV shows and movies you missed while you were working; or as complicated as running for office or starting a non-profit.

There are no wrong answers to what you WANT to do;
          Only the failure to make sure what you CAN do aligns with what you WANT to do.

With that in mind, let’s prepare you for the best retirement possible.
A secure retirement begins with planning. On this page, there are links to several retirement readiness resources. We encourage you to review these materials with the goal of creating a first (or updated) draft of three things: a retirement budget, your sources of retirement income, and a strategy to make sure your retirement income covers your retirement budget.

If you want counseling on any or all of these retirement preparation steps, use the Find My Client Services Manager tool below to schedule a meeting with your CRA Retirement Counselor.

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