Auto-Allocation (Target Date Portfolios) Guide

Autopilot Investing – Diversified Portfolios Designed by Professionals

Retirement is supposed to be an enjoyable time, yet selecting the right investment for your retirement isn’t always so stress-free. At CRA, we believe planning for retirement should be straightforward, simple and tailored to suit each investor.

To make this a delightful and easy experience, we have assembled a variety of specific target date portfolios for employee participants. Each fund is uniquely designed to balance risks while satisfying growth targets for retirement savings.


Primary Advantages of Target Date Portfolios

Created and managed by professional investment advisors at Innovest Portfolio Solutions to give you access to a dynamic and diversified portfolio.

Designed with “autopilot” operation to rebalance back to the current target allocation in response to market movements.

Investment experts maintain the fund to achieve the right mix depending on proximity to retirement age, so you can be freed of these burdens and efforts, if you prefer, while knowing your portfolio is appropriately suited for your age group.


Choosing a Target Date Portfolio

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One of the key benefits of your CRA plan is personalized retirement counseling. If we can help, just let us know.

Each CRA target date portfolio is labeled by the approximate year when a participant expects to retire and begin withdrawing from their account.

To select a target date portfolio, find the year you were born and the expected retirement date range.

Select either the year of your retirement or your current age category to get details about the target date portfolio best matching that time frame.

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