Time To Schedule Your Participation Agreement Review


As communicated previously, our association has been working to restate the Colorado Retirement Association 401(a) and 457(b) plans. Revisions to CRA plan documents resulted from our association’s name change to Colorado Retirement Association, legislative changes and standard due diligence practices.

The Plan and Trust Agreements and the related Participation Agreements have been restated and updated, effective January 1, 2020. Existing PAs remain in full force and effect until a new PA is executed. It is CRA’s intent to complete the process of obtaining new PAs from all member employers by June 30, our plan year-end.

CRA will be working with all employers to complete new PAs, identifying elections and options for their CRA retirement plan.

All CRA employers are asked to select a time slot to review their existing PA(s) and discuss any updates they might require for the new PA(s). Staff with fiduciary responsibilities associated with managing their CRA retirement plans (typically benefits personnel) should participate in this phone call. 

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Summary of Plan Document Revisions

The following updates have been made to CRA retirement plans. We will review these changes in detail with each member employer during the aforementioned PA discussions.

  • Name change – All references to CCOERA/Colorado County Officials and Employees Retirement Association have been updated to reflect our new name.
  • Refinement and simplification – Revisions have been made to improve document organization, clarity and definitions to comply with IRS provisions. 
  • Unmatched employer contribution option – As a result of HB 19-1299, employers have the option of offering a contribution on the CRA 401(a) plan that is different from the employee participants’ mandatory contribution. In all respects, statutory minimums of 3% still apply for both employer and employee contributions.
  • Re-employment benefits restrictions – Employers have the opportunity to expand prior service credit for employee participant re-employment beyond 30 days, but not to exceed 365 days, after the employee’s termination of employment with a prior CRA member employer.


Please contact your CRA client services manager with any questions or concerns you may have regarding plan revisions and updates.

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