Retirement Income Planning Resources

Included on this page is a the webinar recording as well as links to the Retirement Income Planning resources mentioned during the presentation. These resources are meant to help guide you into a retirement you can enjoy and sustain. If you would like additional retirement plan counseling or guidance, our team is here to help.

Please contact our office to set up a call or meeting with a Client Services Manager:
     Phone: 720-493-6500 

Additional Resource Pages

Medicare Resources

View and download documents from Medicare.

Social Security Resources

View and download documents from Social Security.

Webinar Recordings

Additional Retirement Planning Resources

Announcing Your Retirement

A simple 4-step guide to announcing and preparing for your retirement.

Staying with CRA in Retirement

Participants are ENCOURAGED to stay with CRA in retirement, here's why.

Schedule a Meeting

Find the Retirement Counselor most familiar with your plan & get on their calendar.

Retirement Budget Worksheet

Use this worksheet to plan a budget for your long, comfortable retirement.

Lifetime Income Annuities

Get an annuity quote from CRA's lifetime income partner, Hueler Income Solutions.

Ikigai: "Purpose in Life"

Watch Tim Tamashiro's Ted Talk on the philosophy that helps Okinawans reach 100.

IRS Contribution Limits (2024)

A 1-page explanation of how much money the IRS lets you put away for retirement.

CRA & Delta Dental - Pricing Summary

CRA has negotiated a deal with Delta Dental for special pricing on dental insurance for CRA Participants.

CRA & Delta Dental - Enrollment Form

Use this form to enroll in one of the Dental Plans outlined on the pricing summary sheet.
***NOTE: This form is a fillable PDF, and may not display in your browser. Please open this document from your downloads folder to complete.

Retirement Calculators

Use these tools to plan your retirement, including budgeting, savings, spending, RMD withdrawals and more.

Empower's New Online Experience

CRA's recordkeeper, Empower, recently introduced several new online tools and options you can access through your CRA account, this video explains those changes.

Registering an Online Account

With an online account, view your balances, set up direct deposits, & access other resources.