Social Security Administration Web Links

Included on this page are links to resources on the Social Security Administration’s website. These resources were specifically mentioned during the SSA’s webinar on Navigating Social Security. CRA is unable to record and distribute the SSA’s presentation, however, we hope that these resources help you to understand your Social Security benefit.

Please direct any questions regarding Social Security to your local SSA Office. They are better qualified to answer those questions than the CRA team.

Medicare Resources

View and download documents from Medicare.

Retirement Income Planning

View resources about Retirement Income Planning.

Create SSA Account

A free & secure my Social Security account provides personalized tools, whether you receive benefits or not.

Find My SSA Office

If you want some guidance with your Social Security question(s), use this tool to find your local office.

Benefits Calculators has several calculators to help you estimate your benefit amount based on your specific situation.

Social Security Credits

You must earn at least 40 Social Security credits to qualify for Social Security benefits. This article explains eligibility.

Disability-Related Benefits

This article explains the the SSA's disability programs, the medical criteria for eligibility, & application process.

Early Retirement

If you are considering early retirement, this table explains the impact that decision could have on your SSA benefit.

Windfall Elimination Provision

Working for an employer that did not pay the Social Security portion of FICA taxes will reduce your benefit.

Government Pension Offset

Working for a government employer who provided a pension in lieu of Social Security will reduce your benefit.