Employer Training and Resources

How to Enter Termination Dates for Plan Participants

Login to your PSC account
Enter the participant’s Social Security number into the search field.

Click on the Employee Detail tab.

Under Employment Information, click on Edit.

Input the employee’s term date in the Term Date field. All other fields should remain unchanged.

Click Save.

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How to Run Most Popular Reports

You can follow the steps below to run the most popular reports:

Login to your PSC account
On the left navigation menu, choose Reports > Standard Reports
You will see several tabs (categories) of plan reports. The tab “Most Frequently Used” tab contains the most popular reports used by plan sponsors

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How to Access the PSC

To request a Plan Service Center, or PSC, account:
1. Submit a Client Contact Change Form and submit it to your CRA client services manager
2. The plan sponsor must designate the level of PSC access for the user
3. The identified users will receive an email notification when their PSC authorization request has been completed. They also will begin receiving important employer member information, updates and resources
4. Follow the email instructions to create a login and access the PSC

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About CRA

Originally known as Colorado County Officials and Employees Retirement Association, or CCOERA, we provide high-quality, smart and simple retirement benefits to employees of Colorado counties, municipalities and special districts.

Through flexible investing strategies, best-in-class fund options and personalized counseling services, CRA enables Colorado local government employees to maximize savings for retirement.

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