Investment Fund Details And Options

You can choose pre-packaged target date fund lineups for simple investing,  or a range of individual funds to suit your personal preferences.

Target Date Portfolio Options

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Target Date PortfoliosAge Range (Expected Retirement Date)DOB Range
CRA Income TDP77 or older (2007 or before)< 1942
CRA 2010 TDP72-76 (2008-2012)1943-1947
CRA 2015 TDP67-71 (2013-2017)1948-1952
CRA 2020 TDP62-66 (2018-2022)1953-1957
CRA 2025 TDP57-61 (2023-2027)1958-1962
CRA 2030 TDP52-56 (2028-2032)1963-1967
CRA 2035 TDP47-51 (2033-2037)1968-1972
CRA 2040 TDP42-46 (2038-2042)1973-1977
CRA 2045 TDP37-41 (2043-2047)1978-1982
CRA 2050 TDP32-36 (2048-2052)1983-1987
CRA 2055 TDP27-31 (2053-2057)1988-1992
CRA 2060 TDP26 or younger (2058 or after)>1993

Individually Allocated Portfolio Options

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Equity (Stock) InvestmentsFund ClassTickerOverviewProspectus
Fidelity 500 IndexLarge-cap Blend/Index(FXAIX)
Vanguard FTSE Social Index Fund InstLarge-cap Blend/Social(VFTNX)
Dodge & Cox Stock Fund Class XLarge-cap Value(DOXGX)
Harbor Capital Appreciation FundLarge-cap Growth(HNACX)
Fidelity Contrafund K6Multi-cap Blend/Growth(FLCNX)
American Beacon InternationalForeign Large Value(AAERX)
American Funds EuroPacificForeign Large Blend/Growth(RERGX)
Fidelity Mid-Cap Index FundMid-cap Blend/Index(FSMDX)
Fidelity Low-Priced K6 FundMid-cap Blend(FLKSX)
Artisan Mid-Cap FundMid-cap Growth(APHMX)
Fidelity Small-Cap Index FundSmall-cap Blend/Index(FSSNX)
American Beacon Sm Cap ValueSmall-cap Value(AASRX)
Fixed InvestmentsFund ClassTickerOverviewProspectus/
Fund Disclosure
Vanguard Fed. Money MarketMoney Market(VUSXX)
CRA Book Value FundStable ValueN/A
Metro West Total Return FundInvestment Grade Bonds(MWTSX)
PIMCO High Yield FundHigh Yield Bonds(PHIYX)

Self-Directed Brokerage Option

For participants that wish to invest in funds not included in the CRA Select menu or individual securities (stocks, bonds, etc.), CRA offers a Self-Directed Brokerage option through Schwab PCRA.

This alternative provides participants access to most publicly traded mutual funds, and virtually any publicly-traded stock or bond, as well as additional investment vehicles. Participants may invest up to 90% of their account(s) assets through this option.

For complete information regarding the Self-Directed Brokerage Account, speak with one of our CRA Retirement Counselors.