Retiree Benefits

Benefits to Meet Your New Status

As you shift to a new life status as a retiree, you have many new considerations to weigh.

This page provides high-level information about retiree health insurance coverage and income annuities to assist you with considering your options. We have listed providers who are available to answer your questions and provide further guidance. We encourage you to explore the market to ensure you make the best choice for your unique situation.

The links immediately below are a great place to start. Each page provides resources to help you understand your retirement needs, so you can plan better and retire with confidence.

Retiree Insurance

There are many options when you are no longer covered by employer-based medical insurance due to active employment:

You may continue coverage with your current employer-based plan for a period of 18 months, without employer contribution. This option ensures continuity of providers and deductibles.

Purchasing through this channel is the only way to receive an income-based tax credit subsidy.

Visit the Marketplace at:

Individuals whose income would not qualify, or do not wish to go through the process of obtaining a tax credit subsidy, may purchase a plan directly from an insurance company at regular pricing.

HUB International Insurance Services offers a broad range of health, dental, vision and similar benefits.

For information about the programs offered through HUB International and to get expert advice, contact Dan Jones at HUB International Colorado at 720.207.2365 or visit

Medicare is the Federal Government-sponsored healthcare plan primarily for individuals over the age of 65.

Original Medicare includes Part A to cover hospital expenses and Part be to cover medical expenses. In Colorado, Medicare offers 64 Advantage Plans for additional coverage. For more information about Medicare, please visit the resources provided below:

CRA and Delta Dental of Colorado are pleased to continue to offer a dental plan for retirees. Please see below for the monthly premium rates, effective April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024:



Medium Option






Retiree + 1 dependent




Retiree + 2 or more dependents




Linked below are two documents, the Plan Summary and the Enrollment Form. To enroll, review the Plan Summary, download and complete the Enrollment Form, including payment authorization, and submit it to Delta Dental using one of the methods listed below. To avoid waiting periods, please enroll within 60 days of your retirement.


You can submit the Enrollment Form via:

  • Email to (Preferred Method, turn on read receipts)
  • Fax to 303-889-8695
  • Mail to Delta Dental of Colorado
                  Attn: Individual Administration
                  PO Box 5468
                  Denver, CO 80217-5468

If you have any questions, please contact Delta Dental at 303-741-9300, Option 2, or

Income Annuities

An annuity is a financial contract purchased through a life insurance company that guarantees regular income (usually monthly) for a specific period of time, your lifetime, or the lifetimes of you and your spouse. The most obvious appeal of annuities is the lifetime guarantee, which eliminates the worry of outliving your money.

As you weigh the benefits of income annuities, know that CRA offers a variety of distribution options for your CRA plan. These may be options to consider as alternatives to or in addition to annuity programs.

You have access to a low-cost lifetime income annuity program through Hueler Income Solutions®. Select one of the options below to request a quote:

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